Altering Units of Measure for Tally Integration

Altering Units of Measure in eVanik OWS for Tally ERP9 Integration

Often, at the time of integrating data from OWS to Tally ERP9, you get the following error:

"<LINEERROR>Cannot alter Units of &apos;Curtain PVC&apos;!</LINEERROR>"

Such an error comes, when the UOM (Unit of Measure) for the SKU / Product which is defined in eVanik OWS is different than what is defined in Tally ERP.9
Example: UOM for the Product in eVanik is "NOS" and in Tally it is "PCS"


  • Please update "Inventory Sheet" with Unit Type of this particular SKU (i.e., Nos, Pcs etc.).

  • The unit type in eVanik OWS and in Tally are different, that is why this error is coming.
  • Upload the Inventory Sheet back into OWS and Resync your Data