E-mailing Invoice Mandatory for Amazon Inbound Pickup Service (ATS)

E-mailing Invoice Mandatory for Amazon Inbound Pickup Service (ATS)

For FBA shipments sent through Amazon Inbound Pickup Service (ATS), the invoice must be e-mailed by you to Amazon at in-aips-invoice@amazon.com, one day prior to scheduled pickup date. 

Invoice Guidelines

The invoice must include following information:

- Your GST ID - Ships From and Ships To State

- For every item being sent in the shipment, specify the following:

a. HSN Code
b. Tax Rate
c. Value
d. Quantity

- Invoice number

We have seen cases where the process has not been followed, leading to transit and inbound delays. You must adhere to the guidelines and support us in ensuring safe, hassle-free and timely inbound of your FBA inbound shipments.

For more information about regulatory documents, click the following link:

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