Integrating Zoho Books with eVanik OneWorld Suite

Integrating Zoho Books with eVanik OneWorld Suite

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Setup the Zoho Books Connection in OWS

Step 1: Setting up Zoho Books as a Channel

To get started, you need to authenticate your Zoho Books account and authorize your eVanik OWS account to access it.

1. Login to your OWS Panel. Click on Menu Button and scroll down to Channel Setup.

Channel Setup
2. In the "Add a new channel" page, click on "ADD THIS" button in the Zoho Books Channel Box.
Add Zoho Books Channel
3. Validate your Zoho Books credentials. Key in your Zoho Books Credentials and Click on "Add Channel".
Zoho Books Channel Setup
4. You will get a "Success" message and Zoho Books will show as a Channel in your OWS.

Step 2: Configurations in your Zoho Books

You now need to make a few basic configurations in your Zoho Books account.

1. Login to your Zoho Books Account. Click on gear icon on top right and scroll down to Preferences.

Zoho Books Preferences Menu

2. In the Preferences page, click on Invoices in the Left Panel. Enable the Entity Fields checkbox "E-Commerce Operator"

Enable Ecommerce Operator
3. On the same page, click on the Tab "Custom Field" and click on New Custom Field. Create a New Custom Field "Warehouse" and Type "Text"

Adding Field Warehouse
4. Invoice Numbering needs to be set to "Manual" in your Zoho Books, as every channel has its own invoice series and invoice numbering. In order to do that, click on Sales >> Invoices in your Left Panel Menu, in your Zoho Books. Click on "New" button for generating a New Invoice.
Invoice Manual Numbering
Click on the Radio Button, "I will add them manually each time"

Your Zoho Books setup is complete.

New Zoho Books Account required?

Click on the Button Below to create your free Zoho Books trial account. This account is free for 30 Days.

Image result for signup button

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