Product Import Error in Tally ERP9

Product Import Error in Tally ERP9

Getting an error in importing an accounting transaction, from eVanik OWS into Tally ERP 9, with the message: "<LINEERROR>Stock Item &apos; XXXXXX PRODUCTS XXXX for XXXX...........XXX &apos; does not exist!</LINEERROR>

evanik-product-import-error-tallyProduct Import Error While Importing
Here are the reasons, why this happens:

  1. The product which is being prompted in the error message, is not created into Tally ERP.9
  2. The unit of measure (UOM) is not defined or not correctly defined
  3. The product which is there in Tally ERP9 is not mapped into this product.
Here is what you need to do

  • Download the Inventory File from your OWS Panel, from here.
Your Inventory Sheet Looks like this (Please Note: some of the columns, which may not be relevant for this article, are hidden)

eVanik to Tally SKU Mapping

  • The column "eVanik SKU" represents the Name of the Product, which exists in your Tally software, and the same name must get mapped there. In case, you want eVanik to create the Product name automatically in Tally, leave the cell blank. 
  • However, in case you want eVanik to create the product automatically into Tally, at the time of syncing data, use the option, as shown below:

Once, this is done, Re-sync your data from eVanik OWS into Tally

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