What is the difference between a Seller Feedback and a Product Review?

What is the difference between a Seller Feedback and a Product Review?

There are two types of reviews you can get on Amazon: those for the items you sell, and those for the buying experience. They're both important and you need to be able to differentiate both.

Product Review:

If you search for a product on Amazon, you will automatically see the average starred review (out of a maximum of five stars, which is the best) and how many reviews there are. If you sell your own brand for example, having positive product reviews will help you sell more.

How does it look like?

Seller Feedback:

Seller Feedback are all about the person selling the product and the whole buying process. You can learn more about what kind of reputation they have: are they dependable with fulfilling orders? do they respond to emails quickly and are they easy to work with? All that will be contained within their seller reviews.

If you sell other people's brand for example, you would be more interested in getting positive Seller Feedbacks as they will help you stand out to the competiton and will make you look more reliable.

How does it look like? 

Within your feedBAKER account, you will be able to display all your Seller Feedback (positive, neutral and negative). You will also be able to get text message/email alerts when a negative Feedback is being left.

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