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            Continue or pause repricing after a manual price update on Amazon

            You can choose to continue repricing or pause repricing through Automate pricing if you make a manual price update elsewhere in Seller Central using feeds, Manage pricing, or Manage Inventory.

            If you choose to continue repricing, the price you entered via the manual method is used, and then Automate Pricing will continue to reprice based on the rule you have set (starting from the updated price).

            If you choose to pause repricing, your automated pricing rule will be paused for the SKU and your manually updated price will be used. No further automated price updates will take place until you resume repricing on the SKU.

            To automatically continue repricing after a manual update, go to Automate Pricing, click on edit rule parameters, and select Yes, I want to continue repricing. If you want to pause repricing, select No, I want to pause repricing. This behaviour will be followed for all the SKUs in a rule.

            To continue repricing one by one, you can go to Automate Pricing, find the paused SKU, and select Resume to start automatically repricing that SKU.

            Updated: 23 Oct 2018 04:51 PM
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