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            Link your positive feedback

            To get started with feedBAKER, you need to go through ateps.

            To enable all of the features of feedBAKER it’s important that we get read-only access to the positive feedback report located in your Seller Central account.

            To grant us that access, please follow the steps outlined below:

            • On Step A click on Login to Amazon account (ensure if you have multiple Amazon marketplaces that the correct one is selected)
            • From the Settings link in the top right, scroll down to User Permissions. 

            • Scroll down to the bottom of your User Permissions Screen until you see your Current Users section

            • Enter the name and the email address shown in step C. In this example it says Positive.Delhi. Your step may say something different.

            •  in feedBAKER under 'Add a New Seller Central' and hit the Invite button. 

            • Going back into feedBAKER click the 'I have completed the above steps' button in feedBAKER
            • Click 'Revisit your User Permissions screen'.

            • This should take you to the user permissions for the feedBAKER email address. If YES skip to the next point.
              • If not go back to the Settings link in the top right, scroll down to User PermissionsYou will see a screen similar to the one below that shows positive.feedbaker@evanik.com as a Current User.
              • Now click on Manage User Permissions button.

            • Once this has been done, scroll down to the Reports sections and click the View option in the Feedback row.

            • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Continue button.


            • Then go back to feedBAKER and hit 'I have completed the above steps'.
            Your positive feedback integration is now complete!

            Note: if you see the feedBAKER invite under 'Open Invitation', click on Resend again or contact Support so they can assist you.

            Updated: 03 Jul 2018 08:51 PM
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