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            Reconciling and Comparing Marketplace Fee and Charges with Actual

            As and ecommerce sellers, it's not just important to know the commissions, marketplace fee and other miscellaneous fee which is charged by various marketplaces for selling on their platform, it's extremely important to validate and reconcile whether the charges are correct or not.

            OWS helps you to setup your products, categories and commissions as a user. Once, you have setup the same, OWS will publish the variances and reconciliation between what has been defined by you and what has been actually charged.

            Here are the steps:

            Setup Category and Dimensions

            Login to your OWS and click on the Menu Button. Scroll Down to Setup. Select the Menu Option "Category Setup"

            The Category setup page consists of the list of all your existing products for all integrated channels. A common "Category Tag" needs to be mapped for each of these products, because every marketplace defines their category name differently.

            The best way of quickly mapping the Product Categories is to download the spreadsheet in CSV or Excel. For a larger list, CSV is always recommended.

            Your downloaded CSV File will look like this:

            There are 11 Column Headers in the Spreadsheet:

            Once these fields have been updated in your spreadsheet, Upload the sheet on the same page.

            Category Mapping is now complete.

            Setting up Commission and Fee Rates

             Once the Category Setup is completed, the next step is to map their commission and fee rates. Here are the steps:

            Click on the Menu Button. Scroll Down to Setup. Select the Menu Option "Category Dimension"

            Start selecting the Category (User Defined) and map the commission rate (%) for each of the marketplace channels.

            Remember to mark the "Effective from Date" and Click on Save.

            Your Commission Fee setup is now complete.

            Updated: 03 May 2018 06:40 PM
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