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            Tally Company not getting detected at the time of Tally Integration

            If you are facing the issue of your Tally Company not getting detected, as per the illustration shown below, there could be a few possible reasons for the same.

            Please refer to the guidelines shown below the illustration:

            tally not detected

            There could be few possible reasons for the same:

            Reason: Tally Configuration Settings

            Step 1:  Check if your Tally Gateway Server Port is set to "9000" as shown below:

            In case, it is not set to "9000", go to Gateway of Tally. Click "F12: Configure" on your keyboard and then Click "C: Advanced Configuration", as shown below:

            1. Set the Option "Tally. ERP9 is acting as" to "Both"
            2. Set the Option "Port" to "9000"

            Save the above settings and refresh the screen on eVanik.

            Reason: Chrome Extension not Installed

            One of the common reasons why Tally Company does not get detected on eVanik OWS, is that the eVanik Chrome Extension is not installed on the system.

            To add the Chrome Extension, read this article.

            Updated: 14 Jun 2018 07:40 PM
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